The week of September 6, 2015

The Outlaws Issue

How Botchamania created a cult following outside the ring—and the law

By Chris Stokel-Walker

The chronicler of professional wrestling’s most revealing mishaps is still going strong, despite blatant copyright infringement.


That Facebook post you just liked is an ad—and you didn’t even realize it

By Aaron Sankin

Inside the the murky ethics of celebrity social media endorsements.

Inside the gold-plated world of Instagram’s narcoculture

By Stephanie Stark

Instagram fans make Mexican drug cartel life look sweet.

The most ambitious Craigslist heist you’ve never heard of

By Kevin Morris

Behind the Oakland jewelry robberies orchestrated from prison.


What I learned about the Internet after 25 years in prison

By Michael Santos

Imagine getting an iPhone before you’ve ever even been online.

For Julian Assange, the waiting game has only just begun

By Dell Cameron

The WikiLeaks founder has well-grounded fears of being extradition to the U.S. for espionage.