The week of November 30, 2014

The Parent Trap

The promises and pitfalls of modern adoption

By Allen Weiner

The Internet provides all sorts of tools for prospective parents, but challenges remain.

Quote of the week

“All I hope is that I don’t turn into an ignorant, fossilized Old, complaining about how much better everything used to be.”

—Rusty Foster


For kids, screen time is a luxury and a liability

By Leslie Anne Jones

Are we bringing up a generation of attention-less digital drones?

Authenticity and the art of dad humor

By Jaya Saxena

Everyone wants in on it.

Inside the Web’s most anarchic parenting forum

By Brendan O'Connor

No question is ever off limits here.

19 things that are cheaper than raising a child in 2014

By Samantha Allen

With the costs of parenting rising, is it any wonder that the Internet generation is opting out?

Me IRL: Rusty Foster

By Cooper Fleishman

Signing off with the dad behind Today in Tabs.


For queer parents, support starts online

By Elizabeth Sutherland

Life is hard for new parents—feeling isolated on- and offline doesn’t help.

How I learned to stop worrying and love that my dad is on Facebook

By Audra Schroeder

My father and I have never discussed my menstrual cycles, and yet here we were.

The real problem with mommy blogging

By S.E. Smith

The Internet doesn’t forget. For kids, that could be problem.