The week of September 13, 2015

The Podcasting Issue

The profound awakening of podcaster Science Mike

By Dylan Love

Mike McHargue was a fundamentalist Christian, then a staunch atheist, and now he’s something altogether more complicated.


The podcasts breathing new life into classic TV

By Gabe Bergado

Who wouldn’t want to watch old episodes of ‘Saved By the Bell’ and record their friends talking about it?

How the growing Austin comedy scene is turning to podcasts

By Audra Schroeder

With a growing population and a burgeoning stand-up scene, Austin, Texas, is also producing some great podcasts.

The unfortunate truth about the podcasting industry

By Joey Keeton

Looking for a shortcut to the top of the charts? Good luck.

8 comedy podcasts you need to hear

By Audra Schroeder

Some of the best sketch comedy isn’t happening on TV.


I’m addicted to nearly 50 podcasts

By Stephen Mack

When I put my earbuds into my phone, it is because I want to be plugged into the world.

Why Howl could be much more than the ‘Netflix for podcasts’

By Patrick Caldwell

Listeners need a company that produces compelling, original, and experimental shows.

The power of slow: ‘Serial’ and the future of podcasts

By Nayomi Reghay

The future of podcasting requires us to look to the past.