The week of June 21, 2015

The Pride Issue

Exploring queer identities through dating apps

By Kari Paul

A virtual space can be a safe space.


YouTube’s biggest stars aren’t afraid to come out

By Rae Votta

The “coming out” video is a sign of a changing culture, where some of the most influential celebrities are out and proud.

The 15 worst states in the U.S. for transgender rights

By Mary Emily O'Hara

National policy has yet to catch up with transgender rights.

Behind the scenes with the trans advisors of Amazon’s ‘Transparent’

By Jen Richards

There’s much more to the show’s trans awareness than its lead character.

What it’s really like to use a gay dating app in Russia

By Dylan Love

A year after the Sochi Olympics, I tested Russia’s Grindr.

How ‘Twin Peaks’ helped one queer teen find himself

By Audra Schroeder

This fan found his mirror in Laura Palmer.

What Tinder still doesn’t understand about lesbians

By Taylor Hatmaker

Swipe left.


For trans women, fear and solace in a private Facebook group

By Meredith Talusan

We met on Facebook; then I tried to keep her alive.

It’s time to ban anti-LGBT conversion therapy

By Miri Mogilevsky

It’s not counseling. It’s torture.

Why men’s sex lives are more complicated than you think

By Nico Lang

Behind the rise of ‘mostly straight’ dudes.