The week of November 8, 2015

The Retro Issue

How Space Cadet pinball won the Windows desktop

By Kate Davis Jones

A plucky startup tried to sell Microsoft a Doom clone. Instead, it talked its way into building one of the most prevalent computer games of all time.


Behind the ‘scary maze prank’ that shocked the AIM generation

By Rick Paulas

In 2003, Jeremy Winterrowd wrote a Flash game to scare his friends. More than a decade later, it’s been played by millions, and the scares keep coming.

The forgotten history of Tumblr

By Fernando Alfonso III

David Karp wasn’t the first person to make a tumblelog. He wasn’t even the second.

Behind the website trying to bring back GeoCities

By AJ Dellinger

Welcome to Cameron’s World.

Revisiting the free and NSFW video games of the MS-DOS revolution

By EJ Dickson

We played nine vintage porno MS-DOS video games—and they were amazing.