The week of January 25, 2015

The Silver Issue

What my mom taught me about the Internet

By Cooper Fleishman

Everything is better with pie, especially Tumblr.

Quote of the week

“Programming is so powerful; it gives you the opportunity to do so much for society.”

—Laurie Alaoui


Retirement 2.0: Seniors plug in for encore careers

By Allen Weiner

Gone fishing? Hardly.

It’s never too late to learn to code

By Selena Larson

Can this grandma compete in Silicon Valley?

How seniors find love online

By Aaron Sankin

Even grandma swipes right.

Can a tablet for seniors bridge the digital divide?

By Allen Weiner

Is the RealPad better than the iPad for senior citizens?


How the Affordable Care Act is leaving seniors behind

By Vicki Soloniuk, M.D. and Theodora Ruhs

As we move toward online patient portals, who’s preparing those who need them most?

My parents made the best fart game in the Apple store

By Cooper Fleishman

When my parents first told me they were becoming iOS developers, I was skeptical. Now I couldn’t be prouder.

For my father, Spike Jonze’s future can’t come soon enough

By Zan McQuade

There shouldn’t be a stigma about having someone else drive the machine.

What our parents are most afraid of on the Internet

By Jaya Saxena

They might be on to something.