The week of January 3, 2016

The State of Tech 2016

The Internet of Things is already here—just not the way you expected

By AJ Dellinger

It’s not the Jetsons or talking refrigerators, but it’s still going to change the world.


Why virtual reality is (still) the next big thing

By Selena Larson

A VR world is getting closer.

The real battle for wearables hasn’t even started yet

By Mike Wehner

A close look at the past, present, and future of wearable tech.

How hackers could end the era of big data collection

By Aaron Sankin

Collecting your personal data is no longer good for business.

MIT’s insane new app lets you ‘edit’ reality

By AJ Dellinger

Meet the tool that could finally connect the Internet of Things.

What the women of Sheri’s Ranch think about VR and the sex industry

By Selena Larson

The sex-tech revolution is coming.

The unstoppable rise of the self-driving car

By Gillian Branstetter

You have nothing to fear from Tesla’s new Autopilot feature.