The week of March 20, 2016

The Surveillance Issue

The controversial rise of ‘Stop Snitching’ Facebook groups

By Virginia Pelley

The anti-snitching movement has seeped onto the Internet—but is it raising awareness and prompting needed reforms or encouraging vigilante justice?


The Russian activists fighting the Kremlin’s surveillance regime

By Jonathan Keane

Many Russians take for granted that their government is monitoring their Internet traffic. But a small group of activists is going to court to make the spying more difficult.

The most interesting man in Congress

By Aaron Sankin

Rep. Will Hurd talks Apple, encryption, and Trump’s big wall.


The Internet of Things is a surveillance nightmare

By J.M. Porup

By connecting everything to the Internet, we’re creating a frighteningly hackable, spy-friendly world.

What Obama doesn’t get about encryption

By J.M. Porup

No compromise is possible on this issue.

Why the iPod’s legacy matters

By Gillian Branstetter

The death of the iPod was the end of privacy.