The week of August 31, 2014

The Teen Takeover

Backstage with the real stars of DigiTour

By Audra Schroeder

The sound of a thousand screaming teenage girls is an intense experience.

Quote of the week

“The more you want to connect and relate to your viewers, the more you have to put on the Internet, the more you have to know who you are.” 

—O2L's Kian Lawley


Meet the YouTube class of 2014

By Michelle Jaworski and Rae Votta

These teens are poised for stardom.

Teenage producers and the SoundCloud EDM revolution

By Andy Hermann

These teen producers won’t wait for the beat to drop.

The modern-day star factory of AwesomenessTV

By Audra Schroeder

Growing up is hard, but what’s it like with the pressure of 1 million people watching?

O2L: The rise of the YouTube supergroup

By Rae Votta

The teen collective is the 2014 equivalent of the Beatles.

Me IRL: Lohanthony

By Rae Votta

Anthony Quintal is anything but basic.


The teens on Tumblr are all right

By Aja Romano

Teens are as self-aware as they are social-media-savvy, as cannily knowledgeable of the way society portrays them as they are of how to speak back to that same society.

Social media isn’t destroying your kids’ attention span

By Greg Stevens

It’s time to start appreciating the efficiency and creativity spurred by Vine and Twitter.