The week of November 22, 2015

The Thanksgiving Issue

What I learned letting a homeless man from Whisper stay in my apartment for a month

By Jesse Hicks

The anonymous social network promises to reveal “unseen worlds.” That’s true in more ways than one.


When online friends finally meet IRL

By Selena Larson

Living online has allowed me to make friends I never would have met otherwise.

Meet the Brooklyn woman who rents herself out as a temporary mom

By Gabe Bergado

For $40 an hour, Nina Keneally will pretend to be your mom. Just don’t expect her to do your laundry.

For modern weight watchers, selfies offer accountability and vindication

By Marisa Kabas

The secrets of the #WWSisterhood.

Skype is the new Thanksgiving

By Nico Lang

Show, don’t tell.