The week of May 24, 2015

The Travel Issue

Tech in Cuba, before the thaw

By Matt Stempeck

The island nation is reconnecting with its neighbors and revealing its unique world of technology.


The secret to vacationing in the world’s ‘most dangerous’ places

By Aaron Sankin

Vacation in Somalia. Really. It’s amazing.

The improbable rise and fall of Couchsurfing

By Nithin Coca

How an idealistic travel social network turned for-profit and flamed out.

I had the ultimate staycation using virtual reality

By Mike Wehner

The future of vacationing is cheap, easy, and closer than you think.

5 ways to make money traveling the world

By Leslie Anne Jones

You can travel the world for free—well, with some luck and determination.

What I learned from using Tinder around the world

By Jesse Hicks

Serendipity apps don’t yet trump actual serendipity.

How to find the cheapest possible flights

By Scott Keyes

If you’re not using these seven sites, you’re missing out.


Seeking authentic adventure in the age of social media

By Britany Robinson

I wanted a real experience—without the digital filters.

Is Google’s mission to map Mt. Everest worth dying for?

By Gillian Branstetter

Dan Fredinburg gave his only life attempting to save the rest of us.

The perks of being a TripAdvisor superstar

By Allen Weiner

These tips can help make or break your next vacation.