The week of February 22, 2015

The Weirder Web
Babies crying over the Internet

We must bulldoze what’s left of the nerdy white men’s Internet

By Ryan Broderick

The manosphere won’t stop lashing out immediately, but it will lose.


An illustration of Facebook's thumb logo stabbing a laptop

I accidentally killed my favorite thing on the Internet

By Aaron Sankin

Like, if you’re a teen.

The surprising history of the showerbeer

By Cooper Fleishman

Some things were just meant to go together.

The strange lives of Andrew Blake

By Aja Romano

This is a story of lies, murder, identity, and the astrally projected clone spirit of Elijah Wood.

The amateur-porn hub where men defile their laptops for strangers

By Miles Klee

It’s 100 percent anonymous. And it requires a lot of Lysol.

The messy world of online diaper-swapping

By Phaea Crede

What the fluff?

Meet Twitter’s weird and brilliant longform emoji storyteller

By Brendan O'Connor

You should be following Patrick Mortensen, a.k.a. @MrBikferd.

Understanding the otherkin

By Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

You don’t come to the conclusion that you’re a dragon without a certain amount of self-examination.

The surreal world of Weird SoundCloud

By Audra Schroeder

Just wait for the flute drop.

The definitive guide to Weird Facebook

By Jordan Pedersen

It’s a rabbit hole you might never get out of.