The week of April 3, 2016

The Wrestling Issue

Behind the renegade, DIY company bringing hardcore wrestling to the U.K.

By Chris Stokel-Walker

Using the Internet as a turnbuckle, Mark Dallas has turned Insane Championship Wrestling into one of the hottest tickets in Britain—and he’s just getting started.


How Donald Trump’s weird history with the WWE foreshadowed his presidential run

By Soyo Hong

If you want to understand the appeal of the Donald, start with his WWE appearances.

How a teenager’s leaks site changed pro wrestling

By Rick Paulas

A 19-year-old biology student proved that, in the Internet era, pro wrestling drama is no longer limited to the ring.

The copyright battle behind the WWE’s best bloopers

By Chris Stokel-Walker

With Botchomania, Matthew Gregg has a created a cult following outside the ring—and the law.

The low-tech hustle of Virgil, a wrestling icon turned lonely meme

By April Siese

Two decades after his time with Ted DiBiase, Virgil is hustling to become a millionaire.


Why the WWE Network’s streaming revolution falls short

By Kenny Herzog

Vince McMahon’s streaming juggernaut has seduced plenty of subscribers, but is it delivering the goods?

My so-called life as a wrestling fanatic

By Pilot Viruet

Wrestling has always appealed to outsiders, and thanks to the Internet, we have a way to find each other and stay connected.