The week of April 24, 2016


For his next act, viral video guru Patrice Wilson welcomes your hate

By Audra Schroeder

Five years ago, Patrice Wilson gave the world Rebecca Black and “Friday.” Since then, he’s tried to repeat that flukey, viral success—to no avail. So what does he do next?


How the furry community rallied when Zarafa Giraffe lost his head

By Whitney Kimball

Putting on a fursuit transformed a 57-year-old veterinarian into a beloved furry. It also joined him to a community he’d never known anywhere else.

How Neeko Bonzini’s solar brands are transforming him

By Cynthia McKelvey

The artist uses sunlight and quartz to brand his clients, turning their bodies into works of art. In the process, he’s remaking himself and sending a message to his estranged daughter.

The two sides of comedian Mo Welch

By Alicia Eler

The L.A. standup comic channels her most wonderfully depressing through her popular Instagram character, Blair.

Shari Steele’s mission to transform Tor’s public image

By William Turton

Steele helped rebuild the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but now she faces an even bigger task.


This is why I take so many selfies

By Selena Larson

Each photo is a step on the path to recovery.