The week of May 10, 2015

Under the Bridge: The Troll Issue

How trolls chip away at women

By Alana Massey

‘It’s just trolling’ is just not good enough.


How Le Reddit Armie conquered YouTube

By Hannah Barton

‘Anyone who is not with us is against us!’

LinkedIn is for being a professional troll

By Marisa Kabas

Bored at work? Endorse your coworkers with these “skills.”

Why Christopher ‘moot’ Poole is leaving 4chan

By Fernando Alfonso III

The founder of the Internet’s most notorious imageboard is ready to let go.

Here’s what happens when you mislabel people’s politics

By Greg Stevens

It started out as a prank. Then it got ugly.

How to win friends and infuriate people

By Dylan Love

Ed Zitron on PR’s ‘bucket of lies and snake oil’


Let’s call ‘trolling’ what it really is

By Whitney Phillips

Gamergate’s display of violent misogyny revealed the pervasiveness of everyday sexism.

Why it’s time for the FBI to get involved in Gamergate

By Brianna Wu

Help is not coming.