The week of February 7th, 2016

Unsolved Mysteries

The last days of HitchBOT

By Duncan Fyfe

The quirky robot was supposed to travel from Salem to San Francisco. But after a disastrous night on America’s oldest street, it was reduced to a pile of trash and viral content.


The FBI and the Internet can’t crack this dead man’s code

By Stassa Edwards

Ricky McCormick’s body was discovered in an abandoned field in 1999. The case went cold. Then, more than a decade later, the FBI revealed the cryptic notes that it believes could lead to his killer.

Unraveling the mystery of 11b-x-1371

By Mike Wehner

The man behind the creepy puzzles has decided it’s time to come out from the shadows.

Searching for ‘Linda Glocke,’ the woman who vowed to destroy ISIS

By Miles Klee

What started as a Disqus comment has taken on a life of its own.


The triumph of the peanut gallery: MH370 and the search for answers

By Jeff Wise

When Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared into the night, officials couldn’t admit they were baffled. Online, an ad-hoc group of experts thought they had the answers.