The week of October 19, 2014

Upvote the Midterms

The complete Internet voter’s guide to the 2014 election

By The Kernel

If you care about the Internet more than anything else, this is how you should vote.

Quote of the week

“It boggles the mind why anyone would be opposed to an open and free Internet.”

—Rep. Anna Eshoo


The rise of the automated watchdogs

By Rob Price

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Can YouTube convince young people to vote?

By Rae Votta partnered with Jenn McAllister to encourage voter registration.

Me IRL: Jared Polis

By Kevin Collier

Reaching across the aisle to play League of Legends.


How Facebook is wrecking political news

By Aaron Sankin

Facebook’s Trending Topics are having unintended and largely negative consequences.

Encryption shouldn’t just be an election issue—it should be a human right

By Patrick Howell O'Neill

If you care about free speech, you need to fight for your right to encrypt.

How Congress supports the NSA by doing nothing

By Jesselyn Radack

It’s time for activists to take the fight for privacy into their own hands.

Why Barack Obama is the first celebrity president

By S.E. Smith

Is the commander in chief now the entertainer in chief?