The week of June 28, 2015

Virtual Worlds

Returning to ‘Avalon,’ the text-based dungeon game some never left

By Chris Stokel-Walker

In 1989, ‘Avalon’ creeped into gamers’ lives. A quarter century later, some still log on.


The virtual reality gaming revolution that wasn’t

By Aaron Sankin

Twenty years ago, a company named Virtuality rose, flamed out, and fell. Now its dream of the future is waiting just over the horizon.

Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes

By Selena Larson

Filmmakers and healthcare providers are using immersive storytelling to inspire empathy.

I spent an afternoon inside virtual reality—and I didn’t want to leave

By Taylor Hatmaker

This is what the social platform of the future looks like.

Welcome to the wonderful, weird world of VR porn

By Mike Wehner

Digital pleasure is complicated.

This startup is making VR pocket-sized and totally cheap

By Selena Larson

You’re going to want a pair of these goggles.


How Rachel Dolezal helped turn ‘transracial’ into a virtual identity

By Jenny Davis

When pundits imagined (or mocked) the idea of being born into the wrong race/ethnicity, they helped create a new way of being.

Cardboard is everything Google Glass never was

By Gillian Branstetter

If you’ve never heard of Google Cardboard, it’s exactly what it sounds like.