The week of July 19, 2015

Watching Me, Watching YouTube

The sex-positive saga of Laci Green

By Rae Votta

Frustrated with her church, she turned to the Internet, made millions of fans, and became a voice for action.


Can Hollywood turn YouTubers into movie stars?

By Audra Schroeder

YouTube’s Jenn McAllister and Lauren Luthringshausen are leaping to the big screen. Will their fans join them?

Ratboy Genius would like to say hi

By Joe Bucciero

The cult YouTube series can teach us a lot about art in the age of information.

Kingsley’s got something to say, and plenty of places to say it

By Michelle Jaworski

The YouTube star reflects back on the highs, lows, and future of the platform.

This dude’s fake TV theme songs are the best thing on Weird YouTube

By Jake Cleland

Jeffrey Davis is just trying to explain television—one tune at a time.

After Ever After: Jon Cozart braces for graduation day

By Carly Lanning

YouTube’s singing superstar wants to break into comedy. And he would love to live in Frontierland.


The state of YouTube, 2015

By Rae Votta

By all measures, YouTube is still evolving, as creators look for new ways to reach their audiences—and get paid.

YouTube’s biggest fitness stars aren’t as body positive as you think

By Keziyah Lewis

Can fitness and body positivity coexist?

Why YouTube still has a problem with creeps

By Audra Schroeder

It’s not a ‘social experiment.’ It’s harassment—and it needs to stop.

Why the first video on YouTube is still a masterpiece

By Jaya Saxena

A decade later, we’ve yet to top the subtle genius of ‘Me at the Zoo.’