The week of February 1, 2015

How big is your drone?

By Andrew Couts

The word “drone” means a lot of different things. From complex military killing machines to what are essentially Matchbox cars with propellers, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) come in a vast range of shapes and sizes and serve a plethora of different purposes.

What an increasing number of people mean by “drones,” however, are the ones we can buy from Amazon and start flying right out of the box. But even these so-called ready-to-fly UAVs can differ greatly in size and technical complexity. Below, we’ve put the most popular drones on the market, from the tiny Hubsan Q4 Nano to the massive pro-grade DJI S1000+, side by side to give you a better sense of what exactly you’re getting yourself into before you click “Buy now.”


Infographic and lead art image by Bea Yuen.