The week of November 23, 2014

Everything you need to know about Silicon Valley’s diversity problem in 3 charts

By Aaron Sankin

There is something about how Silicon Valley views itself that makes it seem like the tech industry should be different when it comes to diversity. Maybe it’s how so many leading tech companies were founded by college dropouts and staffed by people who elected to teach themselves the coding skills instead of of getting certified by an elite, exclusive institution.

Silicon Valley presents itself as a scientifically minded meritocracy where the sorts of barriers that have traditionally kept women and minorities out of the corridors of power are pushed aside in favor of a more egalitarian notion of hiring the best people no matter what they look like.

But it hasn’t actually worked out like that.

In a fundamental sense, Silicon Valley is still largely a boys’ club overwhelming packed with white and some Asian workers. These are companies building products for an increasingly diverse and globalized marketplace with workforces that not only don’t resemble those populations, but get even less diverse the further one moves up the corporate ladder.

The following infographics show the full extent of Silicon Valley’s diversity problem:




Illustration by J. Longo | Infographics by Jason Reed