B is for Bing

By James Cook on September 14th, 2013

We’ve all heard the story of the Microsoft employee fired for not being enthusiastic enough about Bing.

“I was in the conference room and Ballmer is really excited about his new product. Google is just a sound right? ‘Goo-gle’. What about ‘Bing!’, right? Say ‘Bing’. Say ‘Bing’. Say it like it’s fun. Charlie, say it! Everyone in the room is saying ‘Bing’. So I say ‘Bing’, and he’s like ‘you’re fired.'”

Sadly, the video was fake. But you would be right in thinking that Bing is Microsoft’s beloved problem child. Instead of killing off Bing years ago, Microsoft have laboured away, adding more and more features that nobody wants.

“Bing for Schools”? Thanks.

“Bing Ads”? Wow, great.

“Bing News”, “Bing Images” “Bing Maps”, “Bing Rewards”? Oh, just stop already.

Honestly, the only good thing about Bing is the strange themes. This one is about bubbles.