G is for r/gonewild

By James Cook on October 18th, 2013

Nearly half a million “GWers” flock to Reddit’s Gonewild community. Perhaps there is no better place to peruse amateur pornography than inside Gonewild’s safe community of men and women sharing nude snaps of themselves.

Unlike elsewhere on the internet, Gonewild benefits from a strong community. Insults and excessive demands are met with downvotes and often deleted by moderators. When The Kernel spoke to a girl who posted on Gonewild in the past, it was the community of people posting messages and comments that kept her interested. She described to her photographs as “totally overwhelming”. You can read our full article on amateur porn and the internet’s effect on adult entertainment here.

As Gonewild grew, the types of people posting there outgrew one subreddit, creating sister communities such as LGBTgonewild, gaymersgonewild, ladybonersgonewild, gonewildflicks, gonewild couples, gonewild curvy and many, many more.