H is for Habbo Hotel

By James Cook on October 25th, 2013

Habbo Hotel was meant to be an idyllic playground for children to have fun in. Unfortunately, it’s on the internet, so of course that’s never going to happen.

The list of controversies in Habbo Hotel is expansive: the theft of virtual goods, a haven for pedophiles, swastikas, a fake AIDS crisis…

The Kernel previously broke the news of a major exposé into Habbo Hotel. Pedophiles posted messages such as “Hey licky your v a g i n a. There you go darling. Sticks diick jn you. You’ve lost your virginity. Right NEXT”, “Hey do you have a webcam? You got msn or skype?.. you take off your clothes” and “I want some cute girls not gay faggots”.

Perhaps the most infamous tale in Habbo Hotel’s chequered history is the various Anonymous raids that took place. User massed on 4chan, moving to private chatrooms to plan the raids and created digital posters.


Members of Anonymous created black characters with afros, donning black suits and surrounding the game’s swimming pools. As innocent players approached, they posted racial slurs and repeatedly informed users “Pool closed due to AIDS”.


After the game’s moderators explained that the digital swimming pools were not filled with AIDS, Anonymous members took to arranging themselves in swastika formations in the game’s public areas.


July 12, 2006, will always be remembered as the day that the internet broke Habbo Hotel. So many mischievous users flooded the site that the word “AIDS” was banned, afro hairstyles were banned and the game went offline.


The “Pool’s Closed” incident will always be infamous for its transcendence to the real world. After Mary Alice Altorfer found a “Pool’s Closed” sign at her local swimming pool, she claimed that it was a racist attack targeted at her.