I is for Illuminati

By Jeremy Wilson on November 1st, 2013

The Illuminati are a secret society that controls the world. Over the past couple of centuries they have taken charge of organised religion, governments, education, the media and financial institutions. With the first part of their world domination plan complete, they have moved on to phase two – inserting secret symbols into the music videos of Lil Wayne.

Only the enlightened are aware of the the illuminati’s nefarious utilisation of pop culture icons, but their numbers are growing as truth-seeking bloggers and fearless journalists such as Alex Jones decipher the mysterious ways of the shadowy organisation.

In order to comprehend the seriousness of the Illuminati’s infiltration into music videos, it’s necessary to understand the true magnitude of their wicked activities throughout history. If you don’t know of their evil deeds already, the aforementioned bloggers are only too happy to be your guide.

All the world’s elite are Illuminati who belong to the same bloodline that started with Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. Think you live in a democracy? Think again.

picture one

They kill anyone who stands up to them. When famous people die in accidents or are assassinated, it’s almost inevitable that the Illuminati were involved. JFK, Grace Kelly, Notorious B.I.G – all Illuminati victims. Probably.

The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is the establishment of a “new world order”. They want to enslave the world’s population and harvest their labour for profit. Just about every major worldwide institution is one of their puppets.

picture two

With world domination pretty much wrapped up, the Illuminati have started trolling us by planting stooges into the music industry. These agents secretly drop triangles, eyes, goats and owls into their performances. In return for selling their souls to the Illuminati, these artists are given more success than they deserve.

picture three

It might be easy for some to dismiss the Illuminati as the fevered delusions of disturbed minds, but as the keyboard warriors continue to pull back the covers, it might be time for us to reasses. As one YouTube intellectual put it:

“Your stupid, and blind open your eyes people. Sure i’m a kid but i still believe that there are illuminati running this world and its people like you that will fall into there hypnotizing eye and will be there slaves. But if you open your eyes and listen look and fight maybe we’ll stand a chance when it comes to NWO NEW WORLD ORDER. Coming soon its everywhere just (SUBLIMINALLY)”