Why we want you to write to us

By Milo Yiannopoulos on August 11th, 2013

We know how sick you are of idiots in the comment section ruining it for everyone. We hate the yellow underpants brigade just as much as you do. That’s why, instead of hosting a comment section on every article, we’re trying something new – and old. For the majority of our reports, columns and essays, we invite readers to write to us if they feel strongly about an article we’ve published, instead of leaving a comment underneath.

Anything we consider to be of interest to our general readership will appear in Letters to the Editor on the Friday after we receive it. We aim to reprint both criticisms and praise in a fair and balanced manner. If you would like to write to The Kernel, please use this address. (Or, you can always go old school and write us an actual letter.) Unless otherwise indicated, we treat any correspondence sent to us marked ‘Letter to the Editor’ as appropriate for publication.

We want readers to treat our journalists with the same degree of respect our journalists have for their subjects. We think this is a good way of achieving that and if it means a lower volume of feedback overall, well, we have always believed in “less, but better”. For the time being, we’re leaving comments open on less controversial content like product reviews. We’ll keep an eye on how things go.

By the way, if we’ve made a factual error in one of our stories, please let us know, including any supporting evidence or documentation you consider relevant. We’ll correct any mistakes we’ve made as soon as we can.

We’d love to know what you think of the new Kernel. If you’d like to share your opinion, you know what to do. The best letters and emails will be published here on Friday.