Return to sender

By Enda Crowley on September 13th, 2013

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Return to sender

Re: I’m boycotting ASOS over Syria

SIRS —  ASOS currently delivers to more than a hundred countries world-wide, but it is not a logistics company nor does it own one. As such, it has to work with shipping companies to handle deliver goods, and arrange for free returns. When those firms are unwilling or unable to process deliveries or returns from a particular country, ASOS can hardly be expected to magic the goods there or convince local drivers to pick up returns.

While I appreciate your efforts to bring the situation in Syria to a different audience, perhaps in this case you’ve chosen to focus on a single firm that at least is being public and honest about their inability to deliver goods to Syria at this time.
— Kirk Wylie


To infinity, and beyond

Re: Why is Disney hiding Infinity?

SIR — Rodolfo Rosini wrote about Disney needing a ‘hit’ from video games. I should remind him that, soon, Disney will be getting a very big ‘hit’ when the game Kingdom Hearts 3 (from their partnership with Square Enix) is released sometime next year.
— Felix Hemstead


Members only

Re: Syrian hacker army members revealed.

SIR — What evidence do you have for the claim that Assad ordered the attack or that the Syrian army had anything to do with it other than the empirical evidence lacking US government claims and mainstream media parroting?
— Travis Haley


Spread ’em

Re: Spreadsheets

SIR — Greg Stevens is a brilliant writer!  Thank you for the spot on article.
— Levent Turker


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