By Enda Crowley on September 20th, 2013

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Re: Yes, this might be just what we need.

SIRS —  Everyone and their brother/sister is looking to teach the country’s youth about technology and entrepreneurship and in a vacuum that’s great, but let’s make sure these children grasp the basics: English and Maths. Many startups I have come across in London can barely articulate a mission statement which need only answer two elemental questions: What does the startup do? How does the startup make this happen?

Not every child is a visionary or a scientist, some are born marketers, others salespeople and others still, financial wonks. Successful startups need for all of these roles to be filled. Build it and they will come was/is never a surety. Startups and entrepreneurs need to test their visions with solid marketing to determine their product/service’s viability and feasibility. When teaching children real world skills, let’s make damn sure that those teaching and facilitating the courses are firmly grounded in the very same real world.

My advice to Benjamin Southworth is that prior to setting up a school he visits each and every outfit purporting to be a start up incubator/acclerator/platform/meet up group and keep a list of all they are doing wrong and then DON’T DO ANY OF THAT!!! 

— David Blumenstein


Tastes like apple

Re: Cool people do not smoke e-cigarettes.

SIR — This is a joke, right?
— Harlen

SIR – Keep this, and shove it up your bosses’ arse. [Upon giving me an electronic cigarette to try. –Ed.]
– S.F, Cork, Ireland.

SIR — Did you really just write that article? You can go ahead and keep smoking real cigarettes so that your cool vice will ultimately kill you. You’ll be cool, but dead.

SIR — Well it’s good to see that the anti e-cig people have sunk to this rubbish. I don’t do it to look cool, I do it to save my life. Your piece will have put someone off trying them. I assume that was your aim. Well, you may just have killed them. Well done.
– David Moger


Big guns

Re: Assad vs. Al-Qaeda weapon olympics: who’s got the bigger guns?

SIR — Syria will never become a Western puppet state! WAKE THE F**K UP!!!
— Claudia Kling


Plot holes

Re: A guide to Star Trek economics

SIR — I like the reasoning, but don’t we get plenty of indication that human’s are all well-adjusted team players in the Star Trek universe (at least before the introduction of Reginald Barclay in TNG)? I’d think that the griever behaviour you refer to would be one of the first things stamped out in working for the greater good of humanity. The TOS episode “Whom Gods Destroy” claims that there are only 15 incurable criminally insane individuals in all of federations space… I’d think that pranksterism would be even easier to cure, no?
— Matthew Hohlfeld


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