Mars Attacks!

By Enda Crowley on September 27th, 2013

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Day 8 in the Mars One house

Re: This is what life on Mars will be like.

SIRS — Wouldn’t one of the requirements of terraforming, and maintaining an Atmosphere on Mars be a planetary magnetic field? That is a question that never seems to be raised in any articles I’ve read about terraforming Mars, but seems to be fundamental to the concept. Isn’t that the likely reason Mars has a very thin atmosphere now? A thousand years from now we may have the technology to be able to build machines that could accomplish the task, of radiating a magnetic field around the planet, maybe from the equator or the poles. Without a magnetic field to keep the atmosphere from blowing off with solar winds, I don’t see how terraforming can take place, could you?
— Mike Brito

SIRS — One other potential threats that I have not seen anyone talking about it, is Meteorites. An Earth-like atmosphere does more than protecting us from space radiation. In the absence of an Earth-like atmosphere on Mars, pretty much all asteroids will make it to Mars’ surface. This is a huge risk as thousands of space objects hit the Earth, and Mars every day.
— David Malek


Sugar Ape

Re: I went to a dry 6am rave in Shoreditch

SIR — Thanks. It’s been a long time coming but Nathan Barley Series Two was worth the wait.
— Alex Blanco


Beta theta

Re: A Russian Enigma

SIR — I’ve heard of something that activate sounds and Beta Theta states of the brain, causing concentration and vigilance. The other hypothesis which would be sending signals to contact aliens. These signals are sent using shortwave frequency. Should be directed to the main antenna to be redirected out of the earth, to be captured by the Star Commands.
— Claudia Kling

Look no more

Re: The mystery of the body on the beach

SIR — He may have been Russian. He has a very “Russian” face, in my opinion; the slightly downward sloping eyes and the fullness of his features. It’s a thing that’s hard to pin down and describe, but it’s a “look” that I have seen many times before. I think it’s a possibility. Examples of this “look” are David Duchovny, Mandy Patinkin, and Rudolf Nureyev; Isaac Asimov; Jon Bon Jovi; Putin has it a bit around the eyes.
— Barbara Polhamius


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