Just add love

By Enda Crowley on October 4th, 2013

Smart drugs?

Re: My week on smart drug Modafinil

SIR — Your so called “smart drug” is intended for people like myself with Multiple Sclerosis and fatigue you wouldn’t dream of experiencing. I am 34, disabled and pay $480 of my approx. $1000 income to pay for this drug. Of which is the only thing keeping me productive for 4-5 hrs a day. Making light of something that is so vital to my existence that I risk not eating to afford it boils my blood. I live in the US and the brand name is called Nuvigil, we don’t have the generic. In closing, I hope the wealthy college kids of the world wreak their brains from abusing my life source. Ignorant ass.

— Karin

Vintage torrents

Re: Torrent snobs

SIRS — I congratulate you on your sensational article about “torrenting snobbery”, but I don’t agree with you.
— Spineshanked (via e-mail)

Wholegrain love


SIR — I founded Sexcereal and am grateful for the coverage.  Just one thing.  That “Just add love” should sound revolting to anyone, well… Hokey, ok. Unnecessary? Fine. But in my humble opinion, the word love should never need to be associated with the word revolting. Just saying.  Too many people live without love.
— Peter Ehrlich, founder, Sexcereal

New matches!

Re: Why dating sites are desperate to keep you single

SIR — I was one of their original users from 1995 when they first launched and I am still single. You could say I’m the one of the people match.com doesn’t want on their ads, HAHA!! Good thing I’m not paying for their service as I was grandfathered into their system!
— Krack Barry, via email

Lost in translation?

Re: What I learned watching North Korean TV

SIR — That was very interesting, but I do not think you have told the reader if you can understand Korean. Or did I miss that part when I read the article? [Our correspondent used a translator — Ed.]
— “lucky” (via e-mail)

SIR — you are pathetic
— “rick spung” (via e-mail)

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