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By Enda Crowley on October 11th, 2013


Re: The men who want their foreskins back

SIR — most people put people like us in a terrible light. I have taken a break from my restore, however its high up on my list of things to finish.

I can’t thank you enough for not insulting the community when most people see it like we are nothing more than angry children getting back at our parents. The truth is that each man should have the ability to decide what is right.
— Lucas Lock

SIRS — I was circumcised approximately at age 6, and while I felt sadness associated to the physical changes, for many years I didn’t question the necessity for my procedure. I remember as a child looking at myself in the mirror and wishing to see my penis the way it was. Thanks to the process of foreskin restoration, I know I will get there. Nowadays, I get partial coverage for extended periods of time, and full coverage for small periods of time. As more skin becomes available, I will eventually reach the point where I have full coverage most of the time.

The way I see it, if women who lose their breasts to mastectomy can opt for a breast reconstruction, we the males who lost our foreskins for any reason should be entitled to recover our foreskins as well, if we wish to do it. It may be a matter of self esteem, bodily image, and for some it’s also a necessity as an overly aggressive circumcision may be causing them pain during normal sexual activity.
— John Smith

SIR — Doctors Opposing Circumcision has a more or less neutral stance on non-surgical foreskin restoration. We recognise that it is safe and has both sexual and emotional benefits for circumcised men, however it is a long-term project that not all unforeskinned males are willing to undertake, so we think it should be a matter of individual choice.
— George Hill, VP of Bioethics and Medical Science, Doctors Opposing Circumcision.

Laws for the sake of laws

Re: In defence of revenge porn

SIRS — The California law is a joke. In addition to the selfie issue, it is also very difficult to prove intent. Much of the revenge porn posted ends up on sites that pay for the content and charge others to see it. If the person says “I did it for money,” the case is closed. The New York law addresses both of these issues. I just hope the penalty is a fine and not jail time as our jails are already too crowded.
— Douglas Green

What’s a fax?

Re: Is Japan back?

SIR — Had to laugh at the 1.7 million Japanese fax machines statistic, having just been answered by a fax machine when I tried to phone my local chemist to find out whether my prescription was in. They’d mixed up the phone lines…again. Yesterday my GP surgery had faxed the prescription to the chemist (a distance of about 300 yards, as it happens). Fax is widely used by NHS GPs and pharmacies.
— Rod Whiteley

You can go your own way…

Re: Meet the ‘mens’ rights activists

SIR — I feel qualified to speak on the matter as the forum I admin is the literal birthplace of Men Going Their Own Way, I am one of the first MGTOW, and I know the founders of the philosophy personally.

The goal is to instil masculinity in men, femininity in women, and work toward limited government!

This goal is to take away everyone’s “right” to vote on other people’s affairs thus rendering it impossible for political organisms and ideologies to impose their personal will on everyone else. It is not about reinstalling patriarchy or revoking female voting rights or making socialism illegal. It might have this as a side effect – but not directly and not as a political ideology.
— “Solaris” (via e-mail)

[You can read the full MGTOW manifesto here, it’s a real cracker. — Ed.]

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