Through the grapevine

By James Cook on November 2nd, 2013


Re: How humanity will really end

SIR – Thanks for a rational take on the subject. Probability must be better than 100 to 1 that you’re right. But you left out half the scenario. The longer we take to go, the more likely someone/something will emerge to take our place. It’s hard to think of a normal extinction where this didn’t happen concurrently with the decline of the older species. The more intriguing question for me is the origin of the emerging species. Will it come from us or a different species all together. The fossil record suggest that it will arise from us. I can’t wait.
– Larry Brickner

Safe and sound

Re: The weird world of ‘male chastity’

SIR – Just read your article on male chastity on Kernel. It was nice to read a take on the subject that wasn’t derogatory, inflammatory, exploitative, etc., etc. (aside from the title of the article, but I’ll allow that chastity is pretty fucking weird). It’s obvious you did a bit of research and really tried to explain the point of it. That’s very much appreciated.
– Thumper

Dying breed

Re: Doctors are headed for redundancy

SIR – As I doctor I started reading this article ready to be indignant, but I have to say I found a lot of it really interesting … I get a lot calls from friends with medical dilemmas and I am most useful in directing them to the appropriate service. I can usually tell over the phone if something needs a trip to a&e or not, needs a test or not. That’s it, triage. Don’t get me started on physical examination, it can save expensive tests and lots of time! So yes I think computers might start doing some of the stuff we do but only to allow us to get on with the doctoring bit. PS if someone comes up with an app for rashes I would be forever grateful!
– Sinead Noonan

Through the grapevine

Re: Meet the ‘mens rights’ activists

SIR – I just read this article and wondered if there is any Men’s Right Activism-group in the Netherlands (where I live)? Not that I could find. “Men’s Right Activisme” is another word for rapist, here. I worked a long time as a volunteer for Wikipedia but went away when it went clear to me that feminists are succesfully changing and falsifying history on a large scale. Maybe you are so kind as to send this mail to mr. Jeremy Wilson. Or maybe you can place it as a comment somewhere in your journal: every little bit helps. I sincerely hope that Jeremy or anyone else knows about the existence of some Dutch or European men’s rights activism group.
– Ed Jussen

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