A passing fad

By James Cook

The great encyclopaedia in the cloud

Re: Why all the hate for Wikipedia?

SIR – Quite the interesting article! You do highlight the actual problems and strengths of Wikipedia quite well, but the scope is far deeper than you let on. I happen to be a very active editor who has written several of the “Good Article”s and am currently working on trying to get my first “Featured Article”s – so do not take my words as criticism or bluster … This coming year will be a defining one for myself. It will be my third year on Wikipedia and I’ve reached the awareness of its faults and strengths in ways that I cannot begin to describe. I hope that in the next year that you will pen another article about Wikipedia. Thanks for reading this lengthy message and feel free to send me any questions, I am one of the most active Wikipedians and am a bit of an idealist that isn’t afraid to do the work that needs to be done to fix Wikipedia.

– Chris Gualtieri

SIR – I read your article on Wikipedia with interest. As a former editor, I gave up on it – the website is
going downhill.

– Paul Hendrikson

Passing comment

Re: I am the scat queen

SIR – I am shocked and appalled.

– Ned Donovan

SIR – Vat Ze Fuck.

– Dan Bowyer

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