Leave the beds alone

By James Cook

A personal issue

Re: Student sex site sharing profiles across the web

SIR – Very good article about a business that I’ve felt pretty uneasy about for a long time. Global Personals host thousands of dating sites around the world, most claiming to be serve quite specific niches and interest groups but they are actually just doorways to the same shared database. The below sites for example would appear to be selling people a membership with common interests but the reality is that it doesn’t matter which site you join or which price plan you sign up for, the profiles are the same.


– Andrew

The sporting life

Re: Why performance enhancing drugs belong in sport

SIR – First off, what a great article. A thorough and logical taking into account many points of view. As a former world class athlete in swimming I can corroborate, as any world class athlete in any sport would, that the use of any and all means to win is omnipresent.

What I would like to do is draw attention to another argument: the economic one. Is it reasonable to expect young athletes, poised to earn millions of dollars (in any sport really these days), to *not* use performance enhancing drugs when, at age 18 or 19 they know that they could play their sport for the next 10-15 years, achieve glory, and retire on those earnings or transition to an equally awesome career, the most coveted in the world, in coaching, broadcasting or other sports business? The answer is obviously no, it is not reasonable to expect this in the same way that it is not reasonable to expect Wall Street bankers not to make incredibly risky bets so that they might make billions that happen put all of our economic futures at stake, but that have no downside for them.

– Daniel Karlin

Mystery bedding

Re: There’s something strange happening in our building

SIR – Perhaps the beds are seeking attention. Stop writing about them and spying on them, and they will leave as peacefully as they came.

– David Blumenstein

Rivers of blood

Re: I have the only disease smoking can prevent

SIR – Sadly, doc’s don’t tell you you can control it by diet. I have had UC for 15 years and have the odd smear of blood when I am lax with my diet. If I don’t eat wheat or dairy I am symptom-free and I have not taken any medication for 13 years. Anyone with UC should be looking at their diet, number one before picking up a pack of cigarettes.

– Kelly Brimblecombe

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