You just don’t have that look in your eyes

By James Cook

Crazed bank robbers

Re: How to rob a bank in the 21st century

SIR – Lol fuck this guy is crazy just read everything at the end he says he joking. Lmao shit don’t believe
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– Anonymous


Re: There’s something strange happening in our building

SIR – Could be an building rates mitigation scheme. You land lord says that he is storing the beds in there, then when he removes them, gets 6 months off from paying business rates. The only thing which doesn’t stack up is that they need to be there for 6 weeks before you can claim the relief.

That or you have zombies

– Jamie McPherson MRICS

Keep the drugs in

Re: Why performance enhancing drugs belong in sport

SIR – Thank you for a well written and considered article. It has always seemed like a double standard in world sport that you cannot use drugs because it then becomes “a contest between scientists and not athletes” or “it goes against the idea of fairness/competition/sport/level playing field”, yet some athletes have access to multi-million dollar facilities to hone their sporting craft or wear the latest scientifically proven athletic gear to “get the best out of their body”.

We have had a large debate in Australia this past year about systematic use of ‘performance enhancing’ drugs in both Australian Rules football and Rugby League football (it still has not concluded). There has been a portion of coverage directed to the advantage in sport aspect but also the clandestine running of the programs (who knew what and when) and the more worrying aspect that the players were being used like guinea pigs to see “what worked best”.

– Allan Jennings

Legally high

Re: Five legal highs to help you through the holiday season

SIR – Really suggesting children take psychedelics?

– Jeremy Sare

That look

Re: I became a Bitcoin man-whore

SIR – You just don’t have that look in your eyes I’m afraid :)) nice article though..

– Hans Schepers

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