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By James Cook

Won’t someone think of the Fukushima?

Re: Celebrities for Nuclear Energy

SIR – Typical media. Reference a book written many years ago and make no mention of Fukushima. Try telling the Japanese people(not their lying government) about how safe nuclear energy is and how many bunnies it is saving them. Nuclear has some benefits but anything that risk destroying an entire country IF something does go wrong is simply too big is a risk. And we will be very lucky if Fukushima’s destruction is limited to Japan.

– Darren Dorrell

SIR – There are celebrities for and celebrities against nuclear energy. But still the majority of celebrities and “normal” citizzens have now idea about the realities of nuclear power and radioactive risks. In general mainstream media fails to get facts straight on nuclear issues like uranium mining, nuclear industry, atomic bombs, new uranium weapons and nuclear waste.
For that we created in 2010/11 (before the Fukushima nuclear accident happend) the International Uranium Film Festival in Brazil.

– Norbert G. Suchanek

No place like home

Re: The weird world of ‘male chastity’

SIR – I was first locked sept 22. 2010. If not for it, my gf and I never would’ve made it this long. Now we’re talking marriage. I was locked up 775 days straight until last June. I average a release every three months. If most men were locked, this world would be in a whole lot better condition than it is today.

– Adam Conn

Too high to reply

Re: Five legal highs to help you through the holiday season

SIR – Sent from my iPad

– Morgan

Like an angel

Re: Inside the Tinder TOWIE spam scam

SIR – I sent some of Aquila’s fake profiles your article after they sent me the same annoying message for the.. Who knows how many times it’s been. Please don’t take down the article, people need to know how they’re promoting their club!

– Marit Worpvik

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