Move to Iran

By James Cook


Re: An epidemic of filth

SIR – You are a fucking prude. The books you refer to are not illegal, and the First Amendment happens to say that people have the right to write, and read the books you are complaining about. Get off your high horse until you can profess to being without sin. Then you can judge others, but until then you are wrong for doing so. Personally, I don’t read such books, but I believe 100% in the constitutional right others have to participate in such writing and reading. I guess you think that you are better than our constitution though, and such things should be restricted. Why don’t you just get the fuck out of this country and move to Iran? Then you will be with a majority of people who believe as you do, and who would be willing to restrict the freedom of speech. Censorship of ANY writing will start us down a slippery slope, and it is NOT what this country is about. Why are you still here? LEAVE! GTFO!

-Jay (Hypnotic Guy)



Re: What did Gary McKinnon find?

SIR – Regarding the article about Gary McKinnon I found it interesting and enjoyable but I can’t believe you seemed to have missed out the fact that, yes, it has been proven i.e. not mythical that free endless energy can be produced by using magnets and the power of the poles of the planet earth .

OR wasn’t you allowed to print that part .

-Carl McAllister


The coming storm

Re: I posed as a white supremacist online

SIR – Today I decided to take look at stormfront.org to better understand my cousin. A couple of years ago, my cousin made it VERY well known that he was a white supremacist. Because my own family comes before him, I told him to no longer contact me in any way as his views and his willingness to act on those views put my family at risk. What I observed in my one day there was so incredibly similar to your experience with Skadi forums. These people are not the backwater unintelligent fools they are made out to be, and that is a concern for me. These well educated, albeit misguided, people pose a much larger threat than I expected. In our society that has been experiencing declining quality of education for quiet some time now, it may not be too unreasonable to assume that these intellectually advanced people will start to gain more sway over the victims of ignorance.



It’s life

Re: Is documenting reality the most gruesome site on the internet?

SIR – I’m a member and I joined for a variety of reasons. I don’t find any of it funny nor titillating nor offensive. It’s life. If I object to anything, it’s that such awful things really happen, not that someone records it or publishes it. The scary thing is that so many people can stomach much worse violence, as long as it is fictional and on a big screen. In that case, gore and deviance are worth a LOT of $$$. Real violence, real injury and death turns our stomaches and make us consider censorship, while we pay $10 for 90 minutes of the imaginary equivalent.

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In praise of film

Re: Laziness is killing online journalism

SIR – The internet has killed Journalism. But the Guardian was always a rag to start with (just like the Huffington Post). The only hope for journalism in the future is the Documentary Film. Documentary Films can tell a story better and with more powerful then hollow words on a computer screen.

-Sunny Boy


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