Don’t overcook reindeer

By James Cook

Much leaner

Re: These reindeer cooking tips will annoy all your vegan friends

SIR – I have to totally disagree with this article. Reindeer meat is not at all like beef – it is much leaner. And overcooking reindeer practically ruins the meat. I would say that rare is the maximum. For minced reindeer meat I would recommend reindeer burgers served with sauce bernaise and red onion jam.

-Egill Masson, Iceland


Back to the future

Re: The time traveller on the internet

SIR – John, if you’re willing, I’d like to buy your ’87 Chevy.

-George Horbal


Free water

Re: You eat too much

SIR – I just read your two articles regarding addressing obesity, and you could not have said it more perfectly. It has been a growing passion of mine trying to figure out how to get to people that it is entirely their responsibility to take care of themselves. Do people not care that they are burdening our country’s healthcare system? How about the children who grow up to obese parents? They are doomed from the start. Are we that ignorant of a society, or just too lazy to even care anymore? I think the argument that for those with limited $$, bad food is the only available food to them. And, by the way, water is FREE in most cases.

-Darcy Young


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