What’s wrong with U2?

By James Cook

Redhead rage

Re: Why redheads are genetically less attractive

SIR – All that this study proved was that redheaded women are approached less. This is not equivalent to saying they are less attractive. Many studies suggest that women with red hair and green eyes are the most attractive to men. Maybe, they are so attractive, men fear approaching them because they lack confidence that the woman will be receptive to their advances. It is dangerous to make assumptions based on one measurement and that is what this study has done.

-Emily Ray Frisbie, “an attractive redhead!”


SIR – You’re total fucken assholes. Fuck off, you stupid fucken cunts.

-Sebastian Cardarelli


SIR – This is an appalling article. The headline alone is derogatory and suggestive. If it were to read “all blacks” or “all Australians” you would be out of a job for printing it. This is the kind of fodder that fuels playground bullies and prejudice. And no I’m not a red head!
I was totally mystified by this piece that reeks of early, need I say outdated and racist, anthropology!
I’m not sure what kind of researchers set out to prove who’s the ugliest of them all but it sure as hell isn’t unbiased or credible. Beauty is socially defined (unfortunately) and mass media like yourself propagates notions of what’s acceptable, unacceptable, beautiful and desirable. Take a bit of responsibility before you print this crap or need I quote statistics on young girls and boys with anorexia or other body dysmorpic and self esteem issues bolstered by articles with headlines like this???
Truly grotesque and irresponsible.
Very sad!

-Maria Griffin


Take some drugs

Re: Inside a Goa trance crack rave

SIR – Journalists today all love to ape Hunter Thompson’s gonzo approach, but nobody has the balls to actually go through with it. If you’re going to cover a goddamn rave, and act like a gonzo journalist, then eat some fucking drugs and go to the goddamn rave. What a useless wallflower of an article.

-Matt Woldenberg


Ranking the pranksters

Re: The YouTube masochists

SIR – I was recently featured in an article about “Youtube Masochists” under the name UnderDetention. While I certainly appreciate and welcome any notoriety that emerges as a result of my work, I feel as though I wasn’t accurately represented.


To be honest, none of that really bothers me. As I said, any serious recognition is cause for celebration for me. The only thing about my section of the article that irks me is the painfully low score my channel was given. I put a decent, legitimate effort into putting myself into harm’s way, and while I’m not a narcissist I do think I deserve a better score than that!

-Jay McCallum


Forum fury

Re: The internet’s sickest forums

SIR – http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/callus?s=t

-Alex Heigl


SIR – What’s wrong with U2?

-Justin Bell


Angry Nokia

Re: Windows phone users get almost twice the STDs

SIR – You must be aware that the Lumia 520 is one of the most affordable smartphones on the market and the iPhone is one of the least. Instead of drawing out the rather ridiculous, though sensational headline. It would be service to the tech community learn more about the technology gap cause by affordability of the mobile technology. People with chronic diseases or life threatening viruses like HIV stand to benefit tremendously from affordable smartphones. This is important as it serves to educate the researchers and scientists who are formulate the solutions that developers produce. I will be using your article in talk next week at UCLA. I welcome any comments you may have on why the tech press doesn’t discuss the mobile/ digital divide, and its implications for developers, VC, etc.

-Chris Surowiec, Head of Business & App Development for Global Partners, Nokia


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