Carnivorous cars

By James Cook

Stop bulling

Re: Why redheads are genetically less attractive

SIR – What a disgusting article. It should be taken down. People like you are the reason that bulling persists and we hear about horrific articles such as this one which is the direct cause.

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– Katie Pope


Content is king

Re: Let’s banish the word content

SIR – My home city daily (“The Standard Examiner,” Ogden, Utah) no longer has a newsroom. Instead, it now has, its exec editor announced proudly some time ago, a “content center.”

– Robert Becker


SIR – Just read this article and had to comment. I would have titled this ‘The Death Whinge of the Copy Slave’. Like other neo-luddites printed word journalists are raging impotently against an irresistible force. The internet allows website owners to use ALL media on their websites to inform, educate and entertain. Further, studies show clearly website visitors have a preference for video. Therefore, terms like copy simply don’t cover the full spectrum of content available to engage with site visitors. This isn’t a text and pictures world anymore.; it’s best this collective of “… insecure ego-driven emotion-rats” got over it and moved on to something productive.

Full disclosure; I founded and built the world’s first internet only radio network, NetRadio, and grew it to more than 250,000,000 listens a month before selling it. I now produce content for clients all over the world … the vast majority of it, video.

– Scot Combs


Weighty issues

Re: The best cars for fat people: a definitive guide

SIR – Good article. Others may have pointed it out, but the interior of the Land Cruiser would be cavernous, not carnivorous. Unless that was a clever turn of phrase, in which the interior eats fat people, in which case it’s brilliant.

– Frank Reid


Area 51

Re: The rush to solve Grand Theft Auto V’s biggest mystery

SIR – There is a GTA 5 jetpack you have to go in the prison located in the desert

– Gabe Carbaugh


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