By Enda Crowley on September 12th, 2013

We’ve all been there, right? Taking pictures of your artisanal flat white in that coffee shop your friends refuse to go to because they don’t sell mocha frappuccinos. But are you having trouble conveying to your literally hundreds of followers just how amazing it is merely with emoticons?

Enter Frontback, a new picture sharing service that allows you to share a picture from both the front camera AND the rear at the same time.


Frontback for iPhone, free on the App Store.

This app is the ultimate in convergence. It’s perfect for sharing pictures of scenery and a thoughtful look, or a picture of your feet up by the pool and a drink in your hand with a picture of you in sunglasses looking relaxed. The ultimate way to say, “Hey everyone, my life is better than yours!”

Frontback is strangely addictive. I hope it continues to grow and “frontbacking” becomes part of our daily lexicon.