By Jeremy Wilson on September 25th, 2013

A couple of of years ago when the iPad began to establish itself as more than a novelty, a consensus was reached by the wizened few: print media was dead in the water. With Flipboard and its replicants leading the way, newspapers and magazines were going to be replaced with a shiny new interactive experiences. It hasn’t happened, yet.

The fact is, there’s still a land grab to be had in the world of magazine apps. Get the product right for your niche market and the entire audience can be yours. Get it wrong and you can burn through a lot of money.

intoGardens is an iPad news app that aims to capitalise on the enthusiast gardening market. The app strikes an excellent balance between catering for a generally older demographic and presenting a slick user interface. It combines gorgeous hi-resolution images and smart, witty writing in a pleasing congruence of swipeable goodness.

It’s exactly what a high-quality magazine experience should be.

intoGardens has one of the best product placement opportunities I’ve seen in new media. Clicking on a “hotspot” opens up information on a specific plant in question and gives an option to buy. I had to resist the temptation to stock up for my winter borders and I don’t have a home. Let alone any borders.

The app is up for a Lovie Award. You should vote for it.