Airport Bus Parking Simulator

By James Cook on October 14th, 2013

Seconds into downloading Airport Bus Parking Simulator, before I even get my hands on a bus, the screen is filled with a topless, animated gyrating man advertising a dating app that “only hot guys need apply” to.

2013-10-14 10.07.01

After tapping the tiny X in the top right corner, I try and play this bus parking game by tapping on the largest and central menu option. Oh, you have to pay to tap that. No thanks.

2013-10-14 10.07.16

The woman on the main menu with bulging cleavage did not help make the game more usable.

Yes, that is a scrolling advert at the bottom of the main menu.

Yes, that is a scrolling advert at the bottom of the main menu.

When I finally begin to play, the standard driving controls are on the screen. You press them. The bus moves. Awkwardly shaped orange flaming gates are on the ground and you need to drive through them. Scraping the bus against the wall causes you to fail.

Airport Bus Parking Simulator, Free for iOS on the appstore

If you keep failing (and you will) then the game will prompt you to spend money on a mode where you can’t fail.

There seems to be two kinds of apps: good ones and bad ones. With its annoying adverts, poorly executed gameplay and constant push for your money, Airport Bus Parking Simulator falls into the latter category.