By James Cook on October 15th, 2013

I like to think that we live in a world where Instagramming a photo of your coffee isn’t especially remarkable any more. Times were when snapping a photo of every little daily occurrence was weird. But now we’re going to have to go one step further. Now we will see people circling their phone around their drink to capture a 3D photograph.

Seene is, essentially, Instagram but with sort-of 3D photographs. Point the app at a subject and some green dots appear. If the app has enough points of reference then you’re good to go and you can start moving your phone around the subject.

Seene, Free for iOS on the AppStore.

It is not easy, at all. Faces become distorted, noses stretch like Pinocchio’s and distortions appear as you rotate the photograph back and forth. That’s presuming you can figure out where exactly to move your phone: after watching video tutorials, this writer still couldn’t easily perform the umbrella movement required to capture all angles properly.

Fill up the umbrella shape on the left until it fills with green and then hope for the best.

Fill up the umbrella shape on the left until it fills with green and then hope for the best.

Currently the app seems to be lacking in content from other users, with the Discover feed consisting primarily of photographs created by the app’s developers. There’s no “find friends” option either, so you’ll be posting your glitchy 3D photographs into the aether for now.

Perhaps you’re wondering what kind of things Seene can be used to take a 3D photograph of. Perhaps you had the same thought process as me and wondered if 3D dick pics could become widespread. Sadly, it is nigh-on impossible to make a Seene of your peen. The app kept telling me that my “subject wasn’t textured enough” and the magic 3D umbrella flashed red so I gave up.

But despite the awkwardness of creating a “seene” (as the app insists on calling them), there’s no denying how cool they look. Sure, it’s a gimmick. Sure, they only really work when viewed in the app. But you will still end up taking 3D photographs of your friends and showing it off as you use your phone’s gyroscope to move around their face.

It’s the best party trick since the iPhone got a panoramic camera.