By Enda Crowley on October 22nd, 2013

The popularity and variety of dating apps is growing fast. First there was Grindr, the original gay hookup app. Then the world met OkCupid and its “Random Blind Dates” app.

Then we were introduced to Tinder, and we couldn’t swipe fast enough. Then we realised we were swiping too much so we went steady with Twine, which asked us to care about the people behind the images.

Now we have Charm, which is basically the lovechild of Tinder and Vine and, yes, it’s super awkward.


Users sign in with Facebook and are then asked to record a 6-second video about, well, anything. I’m a huge fan of the existential Vine but I found it hard to try and condense myself into a short video.

This is definitely an area where Tinder has an advantage: everyone has a good picture of themselves, but I’m not sure everyone can look good for six whole seconds.

Unfortunately, channeling my inner David Lynch and going for a surrealist video meant I ended up pretty lonely.

I have to imagine if you’re the kind of “lad” who would film themselves downing a can of cheap lager and crushing it on your forehead then this is the perfect app for you. But I can’t imagine anyone else using it.