By Nimrod Kamer on September 2nd, 2013

I am a big neomaterialist. Neomaterialists are philosophers of fetish. It’s nothing like post-materialism and it involves everything. Here are some realisations I had reading Neomaterialism, a new book by Joshua Simon launched a few weeks ago at the Venice Biennale.

  • Symbols behave like materials. Brands are commodities made of money
  • MasterChef food on TV has no smell, no taste. It’s a commodity
  • If you want to mimic earth creatures: become a car
  • Shoplifting is about losing respect for items, not property gain
  • When entering exhibition spaces always pretend you’re on your way out

In the book, Simon refers to a video by Guy Ben-Ner. In it, Ben-Ner and his family move into an IKEA sample flat. Shoppers pass through the frame they’re in the midst of a few feisty domestic arguments.

They wash the dishes with invisible tap water, added in the edit room. I’ve copied that slant to my show, Adventures of Awk (2013).

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