By Enda Crowley on September 19th, 2013

At first, the MaKey-MaKey seems a little complicated. It’s like having someone shout “be creative!” at you, which, of course, kills all creativity. But as soon as you unbox it, and take a look at the board, you will instantly find a crazy use for it.

Using the cables and whatnot that come with this “my first electrical engineering” set, I’ve made a space bar out of my lime, which allows me to feel close to nature while scrolling through pages of tweets.

MaKey-MaKey, available for £39.99 on Firebox
From our friends at

The creative juices started flowing, as did the supply of fruit. I now have an orange as a delete key as well. My productivity is shot but it certainly makes work more enjoyable.

There are some amazing examples of the MaKey-MaKey in action on their website and I can see myself spending hours with this at the weekend. And, Jesus, it’s cheap. If you have a budding Elon Musk in the house, get one.