By Jack Flanagan on October 3rd, 2013

SEXCEREAL was formulated to “fuel your fire”. It’s suggested that the ingredients – oats, blueberries, goji berries and camu camu – are relevant to sexual health. At least, that’s in the men’s cereal. The women’s cereal uses cranberries, sunflower, almonds and ginger.

The taste took a little getting used to, but it gets pretty tasty around the third bowl.

SEXCEREAL, available for £9.99 on Firebox
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As for efficacy? There was some sense of being more alert during the day, having more energy, which you might expect from a cereal crammed with what the supermarkets call super-foods. As to its intended purpose, hard to say.

I felt more active, so presumably I was a better lover. I asked my colleague about my performance, and apparently I was “chipper”. Which is an odd thing to be told post-coitus at age 22.

So anyway, SEXCEREAL might well improve your sex life, albeit at a forbidding $9.95 per bag. It defiantly stands up to similar products aimed at healthier, more active living. And if you feel energy has been the thing lacking in your bedroom, then I can vouch for this cereal as at least one answer.

The only criticism I can really offer is the suggestion on the bag, “Just add love”, which frankly sounds revolting.