Styles, Loesch, Manjoo, R&M, COPY

By Nimrod Kamer


1. Gemma Styles. 1,963,278 followers minus 1.

Gemma is gorgeous but I feel she should have fewer followers. On the other hand, if she got so many being Harry S’s sister, she should live up to it and tweet ONLY Harry S related material. Babe, Gemma, don’t Instagram your graduation its too bodacious.


2. Dana Loesch. 165,680 followers minus 1.

An Ann Coulter wannabe.


3. Reverend&TheMakers. 45,702 followers minus 1.

They called their album @Reverend_Makers, ‘@’ in the title intended, even on Wikipedia. I didn’t realise Wikimedia allows @ at the title. Then the band decided to call their Twitter account the same. But – what happens when they release a different album? Oi. Will their account still be called like the previous album? Of course not, they will change their @ and be humiliated. It isn’t fair for the fans who already mentioned them so many times using this specific @ name. Massive unfollow for username inconsistency.


4. Farhad Manjoo. 45,885 followers minus 1.

A WSJ person who didn’t understand what am I unfollowing him for. So thats what.


5. ROUGH COPY ©. 148,702 followers minus 1.

I wish they’d call themselves RoughPasteUK. Also they tweeted the phrase ‘feeling so blessed’ knowing fully well feeling blessed, as a template, now solely belongs to FB. You can’t just write feeling… without choosing it from an emoji drop-down.