Este, Theroux, LunarCFT, Lovett, O’Leary

By Nimrod Kamer

1. ESTE FUCKING HAIM. 51,083 followers minus 1.

An Israeli girl making a living in LA. After she tweeted something about deep thoughts I unfollowed, just to get some positive abuse from her. First she asked this:

Then a fan named ‎Cecily Walker-Cox referred her to my film Unfollowing Celebs:

Then she tweeted:

Then this comforting tweet came about:

An honour.

2. Louis Theroux. 715,400 followers minus 1.

His fan page, “Louis Fauxroux”, is way better and solidly followed (81K followers). No point in following them both then. Plus his ‘time saving’ tweet was incredibly gimp.

3. LUNARFUCKINGC. 55,672 followers minus 1.

He tweeted “Hahahaha” almost twice in a row, and his Youtube bio link is a bit.ly shortener. Big no no. Every Youtube link should just say Youtube or youtu.be. Wubu4. And he has his agent’s email in his bio. Let people find you themselves, dude.

4. Jon Lovett. 29,251 followers minus 1.

Looks like a comedian but he tweets stuff that is dependent on other tweets to understand and this is unacceptable. Each tweet should stand on its own entirely.

5. Dermot O’Leary. 2,119,791 followers minus 1.

2 million followers wasted on this dude as he uses the weird word “radio” in his username and his cover photo is a messy affair of words on words with perplexing colours. Also, he follows too many people (2,069), no-one with that many followees can be taken seriously, soz.


On a different note, this week I was proud to feature on this: